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7 things Mindesk 3.0 brings to designers

1. One-click VR for Rhino users
Why spend hours or even days in converting your 3D CAD for VR? Jump in VR in just one click, no export is required.

2. Real-time immersion for your clients
Engage your client in the early concept phases. Thanks to its real-time nature, with Mindesk you can show your client many design alternatives, collect their feedback on the fly and get their approval sooner.

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Compared to other CAD-VR solutions, Mindesk keeps your CAD and your VR experience synced in real-time. This means you don't have to prepare the model for VR over and over every time it changes. This will save your team from hour to days if valuable work time.

Mindesk Live Link technology allows you to edit and create directly in VR. You can use Rhinoceros tools like NURBS and splines in VR as well as collaborate with a team member that is using Rhino from the desktop.

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3D model courtesy of Moriot

3. Great performances for naval and AEC professionals
Designing a submarine or a whole stadium in VR is not a problem anymore!
We optimized our render engine to support large assemblies and meet the needs of the most ambitious architects and engineers. You can experience your model in VR without chosing between level of detail and framerate. Now you can have a wholesome overview of your assembly, from the screw to the main structure.

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Tr-1700-S42 ARA San Juan submarine model courtesy of Agendagau Chajujuy

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To make this possible, we based our product on the best technologies available. First and foremost, Mindesk 3 is an intensively multi-threaded software that takes out the most from the latest multicore processors. Moreover, Mindesk is based on the latest Microsoft DirectX 12 graphic libraries and supports NVidia Quadro cards and NVidia VRWorks, yielding a greatly improved VR-CAD rendering.

4. In-VR Grasshopper for computational designers
Mindesk 3 is the right environment even for the most advanced engineering works, including parametric scripting in Grasshopper and large point cloud scans.

You can access the Grasshopper canvas directly in virtual reality, change the parameters, create new branches or edit your current script. The result is rendered in real time in VR.

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Grasshoppper script courtesy of NAD LAB

If you work with a point cloud, you can load it in Mindesk, navigate it and use Rhino drawing features and Osnaps to reverse engineer your scan or just to compare the scan to a 3D model for QA check. Mindesk keeps the point cloud data diretly from Rhino, giving you a direct VR access to all the common cloud formats including: E57, asc, csv, txt, xyz, cgo_ascii, cgo_asci, pts.

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Point cloud courtesy of Levi

5. Reviews tools for QA managers
Speaking of QA, Mindesk 3 offers all the necessary tool for effective design reviews: you can teleport yourself anywhere in the virtual space, check the project from many stand points, take measures and suggest changes or draw notes with a 3D pen. Then, you can create pictures to share with the team. Reviewing your 3D model with Mindesk will spare your company expensive design errors.

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3D model courtesy of Karin Karren

6. A new subscription for Freelancers
We introduced a new subscription for individuals who want to adopt VR in their everyday work. For them, we found the right balance between features and price.

We reserved freelancers Mindesk's best features like the Live Link between CAD and VR for just a quarter of the cost of a Professional subscription.

Freelancers subscription


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7. Mixed Reality professional-grade video for AR/MR/XR experts

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3D model courtesy of Hunter Endicott

Mindesk 3 integrates with OBS Studio for professional-grade XR videos, which is the best way to communicate your VR design workflow to the world!

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OBS allows you to compose your XR video by mixing many channels in real time. You can blend a custom background with the Mindesk VR CAD virtual camera and a physical camera. Mindesk also supports HTC Vive Tracker wich provides accurate tracking to your camera so the captured video will always be consistent with the virtual world.

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picture courtesy of Panora.Tokyo

From the Mindesk console you can control virtual camera output resolution, virutal camera position and focal aperture and virtual background for a professional video that fits your vision and conveys your message.

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