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Mindesk Educational Program kick-off

At Mindesk we believe that our future depends on the quality of education of the engineers, architects, and designers who will build it. We imagine a future when the imagination of these creators will not be constrained by technology, but rather, enhanced by it.

This is why, starting from today, Mindesk opens up to students and researchers, offering them the same VR CAD platform used by the most advanced industry pioneers and professionals.

Students that join our Educational Program will be at the forefront of the immersive design revolution that is transforming the way creators use CAD!

How it works:
This program is aimed at everyone who is currently enrolled at an accredited Academic Institution. Eligible students will have access to:

  • One Mindesk subscription for 1 year, free of charge
  • Free access to Mindesk webinars
  • Free access to Mindesk events and research material

You can submit your application at mindeskvr.com/edu