Mindesk joins HTC ViveX Batch 2!

Today, in conjunction with Vive Ecosystem Conference in Shenzhen, China, ViveX announced Mindesk is joining the second batch of companies chosen to receive funding and support to grow the Virtual Reality ecosystem. Over thirty new companies across San Francisco, Beijing, Shenzhen and Taipei Mindesk have been selected to participate in the program with the goal of building and advancing the global VR and AR ecosystem.

This is the second batch of companies in the global ViveX program. To find out more information visit: https://developer.viveport.com/us/vivex-portfolio/

Along with Mindesk, other 9 companies are joining HTC ViveX Batch 2 in San Francisco:

San Francisco

  • cognitiveVR provides 3D spatial analytics and user feedback tools for VR/AR, enabling organizations to quickly and easily display analytics on their users’ sessions and collect deep metrics on user behavior and feedback.
  • Construct Studio is a bilingual independent studio dedicated to creating interactive narrative experiences for VR. Construct has recently created their first interactive VR narrative “The Price of Freedom”, based on the real events of CIA mind control program Project MK Ultra.
  • Created by founders of Phosphor Games, the studio behind the worldwide hit VR shooter ‘The Brookhaven Experiment’, Forbidden Mechanism was formed with the single-minded passion to create the greatest competitive online multiplayer shooter for VR.
  • HyperfairVR is a SaaS web-based social VR solution for enterprises. It allows businesses to self-build and easily customize their own branded VR environment, and quickly publish to multiple platforms to engage with customers and employees in VR via avatars.
  • Limitless is a cloud-based platform that aims to make it easier to create VR content. Using the Limitless VR Creative Environment, creators can animate characters directly in VR using motion controls, simplifying the animation process for newcomers and professionals alike.
  • Realiteer develops and distributes immersive and evidence-based programs in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), which has been clinically shown to treat substance abuse, anxiety, and depression. It is working closely with world-class academic researchers to design and build these programs.
  • The Rogue Initiative is a new VR and Digital Media content studio, creating AAA cinematic interactive entertainment. The Rogue Initiative collaborates with established Hollywood talent to co-create and co-own new intellectual property in VR that can be further developed into various franchises.
  • Subdream is a social VR gaming studio founded by serial gaming entrepreneur Jikhan Jung. Subdream plans on releasing quality multiplayer games that can be played at VR arcades and at home.
  • Vertebrae is a native advertising platform for VR and AR. The headset-agnostic tech stack connects advertisers with developers and publishers to deliver immersive, native VR/AR/360 video advertising experiences.