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How to secure and retain clients with VR interactive design reviews

Clients and colleagues frequently need to review the project and VR is a great tool for this: not only it helps them to experience the design more naturally, but also reduces the costs due to misunderstanding and additional coordination.

Until now creating a VR experience for design review was a tiresome process, often with lengthy preparation and the need to export models into a specific VR-ready format; these models couldn't be edited in real time, so at the first change you need to do it all over again.

Mindesk Live Link allows you to get in VR in just one click. This enables a whole new world of possibilities: for instance you can edit your model or a Grasshopper script while your client is in VR, for an immediate feedback, or your client can directily manipulate the CAD data while in VR.

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The 3D Brush, introduced in the new version 2.2.0, allows the client/colleague to leave notes in the model space: it has free-flowing feel while also incorporating a snap ready feature for precise highlighting. These virtual sketches stay within the Rhino file to later reference.

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