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Real-time design reviews in VR with Mindesk for SOLIDWORKS

Mindesk 0.1.1 for Solidworks has just been released. The new plugin enables mechanical engineers to jump in VR in a click for an ultra fast and effective design review experience.

Complex assemblies are hard to evaluate and discuss in team or with clients. Mechanical engineers and industrial designers spend thouands of dollars in physical models that then get trashed right after the design review session.

Mindesk for SOLIDWORKS (2018 and 2019) allows to replace physical prototypes with virtual prototypes. You can use Mindesk to show your clients your project in virtual reality without the need to export your model. In Mindesk you will be able to navigate the 3D model in VR, explode it, change transparency and, if geometrical mates are set up, even interact with it.

Moreover, thanks to Mindesk Live Link, designers and partners can collaborate seamlessly: while the designer edits the SOLIDWORKS model, the partner can follow her work in virtual reality and give feedback in real time. In a single virtual review you can concentrate what used to take several iterations, with all the annexed back and forth among colleagues, countless meeting hours and the organizational complexity that arises with them.

Curious to try it?

You can get Mindesk here